American Fyre Designs  By RH Peterson
  • American Fyre Design products are manufactured in California
  • We are the originator of the modular exterior fireplace. Our designs and quality are unsurpassed in the industry.
  • All of our exterior products are made of concrete reinforced with glass fiber, which makes the fireplace structure not only lightweight but also extremely strong and durable in ALL climates.
  • The firebox is made from refractory cement and will withstand 3,000 degrees (F).
  • All fireplaces are made in sections so they will fit through any backyard gate.
  • Two people are required to simply stack and bolt the fireplace together on a variety of surfaces. (Note: the Gothic requires 3-4 people)
  • All fireplaces vent out the chimney with the exception of the Back-Venting Phoenix (vents out the back) and the two Coronado models which are retrofitted with the Ventless Box (vents out the front.)
designs by gary pict  designs by gary firepit
Hearth Products Control – Firepit inserts
These remote electronic ignition fire pit inserts are the top of the line, heavy duty, stainless steel fire pits controlled with handheld remote or wall switch.  Our Electronic Ignition fire pits are the only fire pit in U.S. & Canada certified up to 400k Btu.
  • Comes fully assembled, ready to drop in.
  • Constructed of stainless steel pan, fire ring, and valve box.
  • Hot wire ignition system – 120v A/C
star burnerlinear burner
Napolen Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits
Extend the life of your patio and outdoor living space by adding one of these great outdoor living products! Whether you install an outdoor fireplace, Patioflame® or patio heater, Napoleon® helps you enjoy those chilly evenings outdoors
Radiant warmth with superior technology. Napoleon® patio heaters allow you to extend outdoor activities when the season is cooler. Napoleon® patio heaters generate infrared radiant heat rays which heat objects rather than the surrounding air, keeping you cozy and warm. Infrared heat provides efficient clean burning performance and uses less fuel while providing ultimate comfort.
Napoleon outdoor-fireplaces        patioflames-linear    
Extend the life of your patio and outdoor living space by adding one of these great outdoor living products!
RH Peterson Campfyre
Available options range from beautifully realistic designer logs and branches, lava coals, volcanic stone, or contemporary Fire Glass Gems.  Our 70,000Btu outdoor stainless steel burner features a flame-sensor safety control system with electronic ignition and is available with remote control.
Don’t see what you are looking for?  We also create custom projects ranging from size, style, and Btu’s.  You have an idea, we can create it! Call 303-777-3234, email or visit our showroom to discuss endless possibilities.