Gas & Wood Fireplaces

  Ambiance Gas Fireplace
It’s no accident that the new Intrigue caught our eye; you’re in extremely good company! Innovation and great design elements don’t happen by accident.  We consulted wit over one hundred veteran fireplace shop owners from coast to coast asking two questions; “What refinements would you incorporate into the ultimate fireplace is you were designing it? and, “if this fireplace were going into YOUR home, what would you have us do differently?  After extensive research, design, and engineering, the Intrigue was born!
Archgard Gas Fireplaces
 We believe a gas fireplace doesn’t need to look like a gas fireplace.  That is why we invest considerable resources in developing a unique flame pattern for each individual fireplace.  Just as no two wood fires burn the same, no two Archgard gas firees burn the same.  An Archgard fire gives your home an inviting, comforting feel by recreating the radiance of the natural wood fires you remember.  Compare our fire to those of our competitors and you will notice the difference.
 Enerzone – Wood-burning Fireplaces/Stoves
Fireplaces and stoves have long graced our living rooms or family rooms. Thousands of styles have been created over the past 30 years alone. But how have they done in terms of performance and efficiency? A quick look at the facts will show that the Solution is a member of the new generation of wood fireplaces and stoves that clearly set themselves apart from other   
enerzone-wood-insert     enerzone-wood-insert-solution           
 Flare Fireplaces is where innovation, quality and luxury come together to form new ideas.
By combining superior raw materials, contemporary design, creative technology and a frameless way of thinking we have created a full line of indoor & outdoor linear, modern fireplaces that are luxurious, simple to operate, and efficient.  Our Fireplaces are unique in their clean design, superior build quality, and features.  Made in Israel. Designed and tested to North American standards and requirements.

INNOVATION –  Innovative engineering creating quality and luxury.  At Flare Fireplaces we look for opportunities to improve by studying challenges and problems. We understand our customers’ needs and apply our expertise to create the highest quality linear, modern fireplaces together with the best customer experience.  Contemporary clean look, ergonomic design, simplification of operation & installation is what makes our product unique.  Our Direct vent products have been designed and developed to North American standards making them extremely efficient while at the same time easy to install and operate.  Our team is committed to provide our customers the most efficient and reliable fireplace.

SAFETY- CSA CERTIFICATION  All of  our fireplaces are tested and have been certified to meet stringent CSA guidelines, ensuring optimum quality, safety and efficiency.  At Flare Fireplaces we only use parts from industry leading vendors in order to provide you a better product.

flare-rd-70    flarefront_frameless_tvv5
FMI – Wood and Gas Fireplaces
Ingenuity meets tradition in The Grand Meridian Series of masonry fireplaces. FMI augments its patented Mosaic Masonry offering with this new class of hearth products addressing the customers demanding the finest in full masonry fireplaces. Lightweight construction allows for multi-story applications.
FMI premieres two new linear fireplaces from the contemporary Luminary Series. These dynamic new products are offered in an amazingly chic and polished style with adaptability and versatility that’s one of a kind. Introducing the Linear Direct Vent Fireplace, Venice Lights. Venice Lights spans 43″ across and uses clear glass beads and a reflective black porcelain interior which intensify the look of the flame. You can convert your Direct Vent to a See-Thru model with an accessory glass door. Take the transformation even further with the Indoor/Outdoor glass door kit. This unique accessory includes a tempered glass door and weather-proof frame allowing you to enjoy your fireplace while inside or out.